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  • Hurricane Florence Upgraded
    Hurricane Florence Upgraded
    Hurricane Florence is upgraded to a Category 4 Hurricane
  • Hurricane Florence Track to the U.S.
    Hurricane Florence Track to the U.S.
    Hurricane Florence's track to the United States East Coast

Slight Chance of Development for Tropical Wave – My Fox Hurricanes

A tropical wave several hundred miles east of the Lesser Antilles has a slim chance of development. Wind shear and dry air are still prevalent in the tropics. It is in an area unfavorable for organization, so has a 0% chance of development over the next 2 days. But as it nears the Greater Antilles during the middle of next week we may see some organization.

In 2016, Hurricane Otto formed late in the month and was a rare Atlantic to Pacific basin storm. It strengthened to a category 3 storm and crossed over Nicaragua and Costa Rica. Heavy rain and flooding killed 18 people with some areas receiving nearly a foot of rain. The storm set several records. It was the latest hurricane to form in a calendar year in the Caribbean Sea and the strongest hurricane on record so late in a calendar year. Otto is the only hurricane known to cross over Costa Rica and had the southernmost landfall in Central America.

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