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  • Hurricane Florence Upgraded
    Hurricane Florence Upgraded
    Hurricane Florence is upgraded to a Category 4 Hurricane
  • Hurricane Florence Track to the U.S.
    Hurricane Florence Track to the U.S.
    Hurricane Florence's track to the United States East Coast

Florence Weakens, But Widespread Flood Threat Remains – My Fox Hurricanes

Tropical Storm Florence continues to weaken as it slowly creeps west. It will become a tropical depression by this evening. Florence will still be in South Carolina Sunday morning, adding to the flash flood threat. By early Monday, Florence will have made noticeable movement to the northwest into Eastern Kentucky.

Widespread flooding remains the main concern. Many locations have already seen 1-2 ft of rain and an additional 1-2 ft of rain is possible over the next 2 days. River levels will rise into the middle of next week, even after Florence has moved away. The significant flooding will continue to impact the Carolinas next week. Landslides are also a concern as Florence brings heavy rain to the mountains.

Storm surge of 3-5 ft. remains an issue along the coastline in onshore flow. The surge threat will lessen as Florence moves further inland.

Tropical Storm Helene and Joyce stay over the open Atlantic Isaac has now weakened into a trough and the remnants will move west in the Caribbean. Right now it doesn’t look like Isaac will impact Tampa, but we will continue to monitor it as it moves into the Gulf.

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