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  • The Three - Katia, Irma and Jose
    The Three - Katia, Irma and Jose
    The three major hurricanes occurring within days of one another.
  • Hurricane Irma's Projected Track
    Hurricane Irma's Projected Track
  • Hurrican Irma's Storm Surge
    Hurrican Irma's Storm Surge
    The projected storm surge in Florida from Hurricane Irma.

Update on the Weather Situation Through Tonight – Gulf Coast Storm Center

Here is the latest look at the weather situation going through the day and tonight

Winter Weather: Winter Weather Advisories remain in place across Northeast Louisiana, Central and parts of Northern Mississippi, and portions of Central Alabama. Some light freezing rain/sleet did occur overnight/this morning, causing patchy light ice. Some light, isolated drizzle is still ongoing within the areas under the Winter Weather Advisory, and will continue into the early afternoon hours. Precipitation will taper off by later this afternoon. Extra caution should be used when driving in the advisory area(s) — particularly on brides and overpasses — because as stated above, some drizzle is ongoing, and there has already been some icing.

Rain: Spotty, light to moderate showers will come to an end across extreme Southeast Louisiana and parts of South Mississippi, later this morning. However, rain will continue across South Alabama, and spread into the Florida Panhandle by mid-morning. Clearing will occur from west to east this afternoon/early this evening (6:00 PM CST at the latest).

Temperatures: The much discussed arctic air-mass will move in this afternoon into tonight, causing temperatures to drop off sharply.

Temperatures will max out in the lower 30s to lower to mid 50s today. However, it should be noted that highs will occur earlier rather than later (before the arrival of the arctic air-mass).

By midnight tonight, temperatures will range from the upper teens to lower to mid thirties. Wind Chill values (“feels like temperature”) will be colder, in the single digits to lower to mid twenties.

Freeze: A widespread hard freeze — the first of several in the days to come — will occur tonight and tomorrow morning, with Hard Freeze Warnings and (and a few Hard Freeze Watches and Freeze Warnings) in effect. Temperatures will drop into 20s for most tonight, with teens likely for North and Central Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama.


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