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  • The Three - Katia, Irma and Jose
    The Three - Katia, Irma and Jose
    The three major hurricanes occurring within days of one another.
  • Hurricane Irma's Projected Track
    Hurricane Irma's Projected Track
  • Hurrican Irma's Storm Surge
    Hurrican Irma's Storm Surge
    The projected storm surge in Florida from Hurricane Irma.

Heavy, Soaking Rainfall Through Tomorrow – Gulf Coast Storm Center

A storm system is still expected to bring widespread showers and thunderstorms from west to east across East Texas, North-Central Louisiana, Mississippi,  and Alabama this afternoon through tomorrow causing heavy, soaking rainfall.

Scattered showers and storms are still anticipated across the remainder of Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, and the Western Florida Panhandle this afternoon through tomorrow as well.

Heavy Rainfall

Widespread showers and thunderstorms are currently ongoing across East Texas and a portion of Northern Mississippi. This two areas will expand in coverage some this afternoon and evening, and push east through tonight and tomorrow.

HRRR simulated radar valid 8:00 PM CST tonight.

Scattered showers and storms will also develop across South Louisiana this afternoon, and expand east across tonight through tomorrow.

Accumulations: Rainfall accumulations of 1 – 3″ remain likely for East Texas, North-Central Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama through tomorrow with locally higher accumulations.

Accumulations between 0.10″ – 0.50″ still likely for the remainder of Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, and the Western Florida Panhandle.

Severe Potential

Severe weather outlook for this afternoon and evening.

There is still potential for a few isolated strong to severe storms across East Texas and parts of North-Central Louisiana and Mississippi this afternoon/evening, and parts of North-Central Mississippi (again), North-Central Alabama, and now parts of South Alabama tomorrow.

Severe weather outlook for tomorrow.

Threat level: Overall, the severe weather threat is still low (“marginal” per the Storm Prediction Center).

Time-frame: The most likely time for any severe storms today will be from later this afternoon into the evening hours, and possibly into the late evening and overnight hours tonight. Meanwhile, the most likely time-frame for any severe storms tomorrow will be the morning hours into the first half of the afternoon.

Hazards: The main concern with any severe storms that manage to develop will be some damaging wind gusts or a brief, isolated tornado or two.


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